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    MindsEye - Online Version

    MindsEye is a traditional Mastermind style game. The computer will pick four colors and you have to guess the four colors in the exact order. You start by clicking on a color then clicking on one of the white boxes. Once you have guessed all four colors, hit the "Correct?" button. Your try will be moved down to the next empty try slot. Then you will be shown the number of colors you have "Correct" (right color in the right place) and the number of colors you have "Out of Place" (right color but in the wrong place). Using logic and deductive reasoning, you have to determine the correct colors and correct order. When you have all four colors in the correct order, you win!

    If you like the online version of MindsEye, you will love the free full version available for download on our MindsEye page. It has three levels of difficulty for hours of puzzling fun.

    Try Correct Out of Place

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