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    Online Games - Play free games in your browser

    OTS Software offers online games. By "online", we mean that there is nothing to download to be able to play. You can play the game from your browser. Feel the need to really kill some time? Download the OTS Software Gaming Community Toolbar and play free online games no matter what your browsing online.

    Games by OTS Software

    MindsEye A great Mastermind style puzzle game. This is an online version of our free full version available for download on our MindsEye page.

    Games by Miniclip

    Alien Abduction online game
    Alien Abduction Suck up the humans, their cars and trucks before time runs out. Make sure to avoid the pesky enemies as well.

    Online baseball game
    Baseball Swing the bat at the ball. Don't worry, you'll figure it out ;)

    Battleships game
    BattleShip The old classic is back and better than ever. It'll kill those long boring hours at work for sure!

    Disc Golf online game
    Disc Golf A great frisbee golf online game.

    Galactic Warriors online game
    Galactic Warrior A good fun top down scroller, shoot and aviod the enemy forces as well as other obstacles

    Hostile Skies online game
    Hostile Skies A great side scrolling WWI fighter ace game

    Classic Space Invaders online game
    Space Invaders Thats right, Space Invaders! You know you've been itching to play this since your Atari broke years ago.

    Superbike motorcycle game
    SuperBike Race around the track against the PC, or just work to beat your best time.

    Xraye online puzzle game
    Xraye A great challenging puzzle game.

    Online scrabble style game
    Fowl Words Figure out the words before the time runs out. Good scrabblish fun.


    Games by Online Games HQ

    Trech 2 online game Trech 2 Soak up some time with this great Mech game.


    Games by

    Air Hockey online game
    Air Hockey Smack that puck around. Don't have to worry about your fingers here.

    Mahjong online game
    Mahjong The classic tile matcher is back. Play for free as long as you want!

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