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Homonm Madness - Free Word Puzzle Game

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Homonym Madness is a very challenging and fun word puzzle game. It is a completely different kind of word puzzle than you have ever played before. The Homonyms used in this game all have the same spelling but different definitions.

Homonym Madness is very challenging and will help you broaden your vocabulary. This is a perfect game for students studying for college entrance exams (ACT or SAT) or those individuals that have a large vocabulary and want to prove it to family and friends. If you love a challenge and enjoy word puzzles, you will love Homonym Madness!

The System Requirements for Homonym Madness are:
Pentium 266 PC or higher
At least 5 MB of free hard drive space
64 MB of RAM or better
Windows 95 or higher (including Windows 7)

If you would like to download Homonym Madness, please click the icon below:

Free Word Puzzle Game Logo

Once you download the game, just unzip it, and then run the setup.exe file to install the game. Have fun!

How To Play
What If I Get Stuck?
What If I Can't See The Entire Definition?
Select a Specific Puzzle

How To Play:

Screenshot of Homonym Madness
Main Game Screen

Homonym Madness is a puzzle game where you have to determine the word that fits both definitions provided. In each puzzle there are five words that have to be solved based on two definitions that fit that word. Also at the bottom of each puzzle is another word (clue answer) that has to be solved using the definition provided and the letters in red boxes from the five words above. Unscramble the letters in red boxes to make the word. Conversely, if you think you know the clue answer to the word at the bottom, you can use its letters to help you solve any words above that you are having problems solving.

Once you think you have solved the entire puzzle, click the Correct? Button. If you have all five answers and the clue answer correct, you have solved the puzzle. You will then be given the opportunity to play again.

Screenshot from Homonym Madness
Puzzle Solved Message

However, if you have missed any of the answers (including the clue answer), you will be notified how many items you have incorrect. You will then be able to return to the puzzle and correct them.

Screenshot from Homonym Madness
Items Incorrect Message

What If I Get Stuck?
If there is an answer or the clue answer that you cannot solve, you can click the Hint Button . Each time you click the Hint Button, you will be given another letter in the answer to help you solve it. If you click the Hint Button as many times as there are letters in the answer, the entire answer will be revealed.

What If I Can't See The Entire Definition?
If a definition is too long to display in the definition box, the box's scroll bars will be enabled. You can use the scroll bars to view the rest of the definition. Below is an example:

Screenshot from Homonym Madness
Definition With Scroll Bars Enabled

Select a Specific Puzzle
As you will notice, when you begin Homonym Madness or select New Puzzle (F2) from the Puzzle Menu, the number of the current puzzle will be displayed in the Title Bar of the window.

Screenshot from Homonym Madness
Title Bar

If you would like to play a particular puzzle (maybe you want to retry a puzzle you couldn't solve previously), you can click the Puzzle Menu and select Select Specific Puzzle or hit your F3 key. You will see the box below:

Screenshot from Homonym Madness
Select Puzzle

Enter a valid puzzle number and hit Enter or click the OK button. The puzzle you have selected will appear.

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