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Follow The Dragon - Free Educational Game for Kids

Follow The Dragon Logo

Hello! I'm Deo the Dragon, and I love to play games. I am very happy that you like to play games too. We are going to have so much fun.

Follow The Dragon is a very fun and educational game for kids (ages 2 to 8). Deo the Dragon loves to play games, and he has invited you to play his two favorites, Follow The Dragon and Tag The Dragon.

The System Requirements for Follow The Dragon are:
Pentium 266 PC or higher
At least 5 MB of free hard drive space
64 MB of RAM or better
Windows 95 or higher (including Windows 7)

If you would like to download Follow The Dragon, please click the icon below:

Free Educational Game Download

Once you download the game, just unzip it, and then run the setup.exe file to install the game. Have fun!

Follow The Dragon is also available for Windows Phone 7 (thanks to The App Pros). If you have the Zune software you can download it and play it free using the link below.

Follow The Dragon for Windows Phone 7

General Instructions
Follow The Dragon
Tag the Dragon

General Instructions:

Land of Fun Game Image

Let me start by telling you a little about my world. I live in the Land of Fun. I call it LOF for short. There are four spots in LOF that we will use for my games. These spots are in the Drago River, the grassy hillside, on top of Mt. Drache, and in the blue sky of LOF. I will jump from spot to spot, and you can click them with your mouse when we are playing.

There are two clouds that are always present in LOF. The one on the left tells you your score when we play games. The one on the right will Start a new game when you click on it.

In my favorite tree, there is a knothole (Start Over). By clicking on the knothole, you can start a game over from the first level. If you ever get stuck or want to let someone else play, just click on the knothole.

There are two rocks on the grassy hillside. The one labeled Follow will start the Follow The Dragon Game. The one labeled Tag will start the Tag The Dragon Game. You can see which game you are playing by looking at the rocks. The rock with red writing will be the game we are playing. To play the other game, just click on that rock.

As you found, you can click the Get Game Help Button in the upper right corner to display this help and registration page. Now let me teach you the rules to my favorite games.
My two favorite games are Follow The Dragon and Tag The Dragon. The rules of how to play each game are below. Read the rules, then let's play!

Follow The Dragon
In this game, I will jump from spot to spot in a particular order, and you have to repeat that order to catch me. I will start level one by going to one spot. If you go to that same spot by clicking it, then you win level one. Then, I will go to two spots. You have to go to those spots (by clicking them) in the same order. If you do, you win level two. I will continue to go to one more spot each level (level 1 = 1 spot, level 2 = 2 spots, level 3 = 3 spots, etc.). As long as you follow me in the same order, you will continue to win and advance to the next level. You can see your score in the cloud on the upper left of the screen.

If you get stuck on a level and want to start over, just click the "Start Over" knothole in the tree. That will tell me that you want to start over on level one.

Tag The Dragon
In this game, I will appear in one of the spots. You have to catch me (by clicking on me) before I disappear. If you do, I will appear in another spot. Keep catching me before I disappear and I will keep going. The longer you are able to catch me, the faster I will go. If you miss me (by not clicking on me before I disappear), then I escape and win. You can see how many times you have caught me in the cloud on the upper left of the screen.

When you can't catch me any longer, click the Start Cloud to play again.

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